Stocking Gifts For Snowboard And Ski Girls

Stocking Gifts For Snowboard And Ski Girls

Not too pricy, and perfect for any female snow shredder.

Stuck short on stocking ideas, yet being hounded by a loved one for stocking present suggestions?

With Christmas just two weeks away, why not proffer this list and propound a few of these as stocking stuffers.

Not too pricy, and perfect for any female snow shredder.

Pocket Friendly Tool

Pocket Friendly Tool Stocking Gifts for Snow Girls

Burton's Pocket Friendly Tool - Buy Here

Burton’s EST tool is a stealthy screwdriver that can perform on-hill adjustments in a pocket-friendly package.

Perfect to tighten bindings/straps mid-slope.


Buy Here

Cheese Fondue Mix

Cheese Fondue Mix Stocking Gifts for Snow Girls

Cheese Fondue Mix - Buy Here

If you’re not able to do a snow season, at least you can sit at home and pretend that you’re in the Alps by guzzling cheese fondue and watching snowboarding edits on YouTube.

Exuding ease, it even comes in a pre-made pack and can be bought straight off Amazon…

€7.44 a pack.

Buy Here

Tin Mug

Tin Mug Stocking Gifts for Snow Girls

Tin Mug - Buy Here

Mugs. Handy for an evening tea but also super useful after a long slog ski touring or splitboarding.

There aren’t many things that compare with reaching the top after a hard climb, whipping out a thermos and sipping a hot brew with an unbeatable view. Can be laced with liquor too.

We like Poler Stuff’s – evoking both camp vibes and mountain living.

Strap it onto your backpack and away you go.


Buy Here


Klean Kanteen Stocking Gifts for Snow Girls

Klean Kanteen - Buy Here

A trusty Thermos might come in handy with the above suggestion.

Try Klean Kanteen – free from BPA and other toxic nasties.


Buy Here


Finisterre Beanie.  Stocking Gifts for Snow Girls

Finisterre Beanie - Buy Here

Beanies are a firm wardrobe staple for the mountains, and opting for a Finisterre + RNLI one helps to save lives too.

Finisterre have teamed up with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) to create a stylish collaboration, with Finisterre donating 10% of sales from the range to the RNLI.

By buying one of their snazzy beanies, you’ll be supporting this sustainably centered company, as well as the volunteers who make up 95% of the RNLI people, to save lives at sea.


Buy Here

Hand Hotties

Hand hottie hand warmers  Stocking Gifts for Snow Girls

Hand Hotties - Buy Here

These are perfect for icy mornings on the mountains on that first chair – and for shoving in your boots when your toes go numb after a long day shredding.

€8.99 for a pack with 5 pairs.

Buy Here

Wax Servicing Kit


Butta Wax Servicing Kit

Butta offer a super handy selection of stuff jammed into a retro tin.

You’ll find wax, a brush, a towel, green cleaner, a scraper and some handy hints on servicing your board.


Buy Here

Lip Balm

Lip Balm Stocking Gifts for Snow Girls

Burts Bees Lip Balm - Buy Here

Cracked lips are NO good for getting racy under the mistletoe.

Slather up those lips with Burts Bees.


Buy Here

Cozy Slippers

cozy slippers Stocking Gifts for Snow Girls

Slippers - Buy Here

A pair of slippers. Trust us on this.

There is simply nothing worse than stomping around in sodden socks that have soaked up some ice that has leaked under the door. Slippers may seem like a naff present, but they’re actually an ideal gift for a top shredder. Pull off your ski/snowboard boots, and slide on a soft pair of slippers to stomp around the chalet/apartment in.

Head to M&S for a wide selection of slippers that exude comfort and coziness.


Buy Here

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